We are proud you chose to visit Lucky Duck Fishing and are considering to buy some Lucky Duck Jigs. 
While these jigs are proven fish killers, it is important to recognize that they must be presented properly to get the maximum efficiency. Following are some tips for your success:
1.      Choose the right size jig for the depth and conditions.
   a.       The 1/2 oz. Top Water Carnage Jig is great for casting to jumpers and fish in the upper 50 feet of the water column or with very experienced jiggers at deeper depths.
   b.       The 3/4 oz. Bottom Bouncer Jig is for targeting fish at 50 to100 feet and more shallow fish in windy conditions. This is the best choice for an all-purpose jig.
   c.        The 1 oz.  Bottom Bowler Jig is best suited for fishing below 100 feet, in windy conditions, or for beginning anglers that might have trouble “feeling the bottom”.
2.       Don't drag or troll your jig.  Let is free fall.
3.       Keep your rod tip in touch with your jig on the free fall.  This is very important.  Kokanee usually hit the jig on the fall and you will not feel the bite if your line is slack.
4.       Be efficient and keep your jig in front of the fish.
   a.         Watch your sounder and target those fish.
   b.         Pay attention as to where and how other anglers are catching fish.
   c.         Always watch for jumpers, birds, and other signs of life.
5.        Set your drag very tight and make a strong hook set.  This will help in not losing fish on the way up or at the boat.
6.        Tie your new Lucky Duck Jig directly on a mono bumper.  Tie the mono bumper directly on your braided main line with a double uni-knot.
7.        Nets are usually unnecessary as it takes time, removes another person from fishing, and provides more opportunities for tangles.
Good luck, be safe, and don't forget to share stories with Lucky Duck Fishing and all fellow anglers as well as helping others who are just starting out in jigging.

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